An optimally designed propulsion installation offers many benefits to customers including a reduction in noise, vibration and fuel consumption. Customers can also expect increased life expectancy of bearings and seals and a reduction in unplanned maintenance periods meaning less expensive vessel downtime.

Teignbridge Propellers recognises this, so has recently invested in state of the art shaft line design software ‘ShaftDesigner’ from SKF. This further enhances the company’s design capabilities allowing its team of engineers to quickly optimise propeller shaft line designs to better understand and avoid potentially harmful shaft alignment and vibration problems.
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Advanced Propeller Shaft Design Software

The Classification Society recognised ShaftDesigner software allows Teignbridge to provide customers with shaft alignment calculations and also highlight whether a critical speed will result in noise or harmful vibrations.

The programme of investment in facilities, equipment and technology is part of Teignbridge’s continuing commitment to supplying its worldwide customers with world class marine propulsion equipment.
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