The Curtis Marshall is no ordinary diving support vessel. It has been designed and built to fulfil the very specific needs of Sub Aqua Diving Services and in the process has produced a groundbreaking, highly capable and compact vessel. Owner Tony Curtis approached ​B Marshall Marine Ltd. with a brief to build a state of the art 24m DSV with the equipment specifications usually found in vessels twice the size. The result is the highly efficiently and cleverly designed Curtis Marshall, a fully equipped DSV with the capacity to accommodate a full diving team, a completely integrated dive control unit and a decompression chamber. Further to the technical brief, Tony also wanted the vessel to be competitive to charter. Every effort should be made to ensure the vessel had optimum performance and efficiency. To achieve this, B Marshall’s Chris Jakeman designed the vessel as a monohull, to optimise space. He also determined that the Curtis Marshall should be fitted with a pair of 530bhp Doosan engines coupled to 60″ Teignbridge propellers which – having been custom designed for the vessel – produce maximum thrust while maintaining optimum fuel efficiency.

According to Mr. Jakeman the vessel achieves fuel economy “around half that of the faster catamarans” and will perform well as a competitively chartered DSV: “Although on one hand we are quoting against people who normally just put the diving gear and dive control inside 10 foot containers – bending the safety rules by relying on a land-based decompression chamber – we are doing everything that a 40m vessel would be able to do on a 25m boat, with all cost savings that that implies.” Naturally, Teignbridge are proud to have designed and supplied propellers that have helped to achieve this great result.

The story behind this innovative vessel has been feature in the latest edition of Maritime Journal which can be read in full by following this link: