Teignbridge Propellers will shortly be engaging in a new propeller and propulsion research project using a specifically designed research vessel. The vessel is being provided by Duncan Research and Development Ltd, an associated company with Teignbridge Propellers. The craft is a floating hydrodynamic laboratory and work-shop, where innovations in propellers and propulsion equipment can be developed and tested in full size and true operating conditions. The vessel is a catamaran configuration with clear undisturbed water between the hulls where low and high speed testing can be carried out under observation.


The vessel is capable of speeds to 40 knots plus, and a range of shaft speeds that utilise the full engine power at different speeds. At the lower speed range it can test for bollard pull performance, and at the higher speed ranges it can test for efficiency and cavitation avoidance. Propellers up to 1.5 meters in diameter will be developed and tested which in many cases will be full size models. This will provide more accurate results than using small scale models in test tanks.


The vessel is to be equipped with a full range of instrumentation for testing and recording all necessary aspects of performance. The company plans on optimising its highly efficient C-Foil propeller design further, and to produce a new propeller design series.