Teignbridge have completed the supply of another 20m Wind Farm Support Vessel (WFSV) built in China for operation in Europe.
The vessel is equipped with 5” shaftline coupled to 1140mm diameter x 5 blade high performance and efficiency C’Foil propellers.
The high performance C’Foil propeller design is the latest development in propeller design.
It has an improved, anti-cavitation, blade section shape which increases thrust and improves propeller efficiency.
The vessel’s construction was completed in record time with the support of a rapid design and manufacture from Teignbridge.
The vessel will be launched later this month and is expected to achieve a predicted maximum speed of 27kn during the sea trials.
Teignbridge has seen strong growth in China which is supported by our agent in China, Shanghai Ocean Equipment Company.
One of Asia’s leading marine sales, servicing and technical experts, the Shanghai Ocean Equipment Company was founded in 2003, and provides one-stop service delivering pre-sale consulting, after-sale service, spare parts supply, as well as research and development specifically within the marine sector. www.ocean-china.com