World Leading Manufacturing Facility

Teignbridge moved to new premises in 2001 with 65,000 sq feet of floor area enabling all departments to be accommodated in the same location.
From the initial enquiry through design and engineering, pattern making, machining, finishing, inspection, packing, despatch and customer service are all ‘in-house’ and importantly under one roof.


Highest Foundry Standards

The Teignbridge foundry has a melting capacity of approximately 1,700kg and holds approval certificates from Lloyds Register and other classification societies.


Precision Casting

Contemporary moulding techniques are employed to ensure high precision castings are produced for all components.


Innovative CNC Processes

The very latest high-speed CNC machines are utilised to their full extent in the manufacturing process.

The new 5-axis CNC pattern mill provides rapid and accurate machining of all patterns. Continual research and development and the use of a wide range of materials ensures that each pattern is manufactured in the most appropriate material.



Extensive Pattern Store

The Teignbridge standard pattern range is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, and includes design profiles many would consider custom, due to their high performance cambered sections or increased blade area.



All propellers are ‘scanned’ during manufacture and at final inspection to guarantee repeatable high tolerance manufacturing standards.

Teignbridge has recently installed a number of improved MRI Scanning Computerised Pitchometers, these enable us to very accurately scan and produce a graphical representation of the propeller pitch face to ensure highly accurate and repeatable propellers.


Ensuring Quality and Standards

To fully support the manufacturing process Teignbridge have commissioned a fully integrated ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ software system across all functions, to effectively plan, process, load, schedule and monitor all orders. The final result is components designed and manufactured to the highest standards combined with repeatability and quality that can be relied upon in the toughest of conditions.