Worldwide Service

As a worldwide propulsion system supplier Teignbridge recognises the need to provide global sales,
technical and after sales support. So we have a network of facilities in addition to the UK offices and

TP Dubai

Servicing our customers in the Middle East is our Teignbridge facility in Dubai, which consists of a
fully equipped propeller repair station, incorporating the latest computerised scanning pitchometers; a
machine shop, an extensive stock of sterngear and propeller systems and components; and staffed
by highly qualified experienced marine personnel, including two Naval Architects.
Teignbridge Dubai specialises in supporting the Commercial, Military, Super Yacht and Boat Building
markets throughout the Middle East. Contact

TP India

Foundry and Factory : Manufacturing stern gear and propellers in AB2 and shafts in Temet 25.
Designs are sent from the UK with the patterns, moulding, casting and machining being completed in
this new facility in India. Contact

TP Spain & S. America

Our dedicated Spanish speaking team can provide you with sales and technical support in these
regions. Contact

TP Italy

In Italy we have a sales office to provide sales and engineering support and attend sea trials.
Propeller repair, tweaking, balancing and polishing services are also available. Contact

TP Asia

In Malaysia we have a sales office providing sales and engineering support throughout the Asia
region . Contact

These Teignbridge companies are supported by a series of agents and distributors in major locations
around the world – through Europe, Africa, the Far East and Australia. Regardless of geographical
location, the Teignbridge customer can be confident of factory backed service and support.