We do the heavy lifting to ensure hard-working boats can thrive in challenging commercial environments

Teignbridge Propellers design and manufacture the highest-quality high-performance propellers and sterngear for commercial vessels. Robust, efficient and durable, Teignbridge’s complete propulsion systems deliver world-class equipment that can optimise the performance of the hardest working commercial vessels, saving operators time and money. Ensuring your safety in the most challenging conditions in the most efficient and economical way possible.

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When Inace started looking for suppliers of sterngear to fit their latest ferry, they found the perfect partner in Teignbridge. Teignbridge Propellers have an exemplary track record of delivering high quality, hard-working marine propulsion equipment for commercial vessels.

Inace chose Teignbridge Sterngear for ferry


Independent assessments at both Plymouth and Newcastle Universities showed the C-Foil produced up to 5% more thrust and efficiency when compared to standard propeller design.

Teignbridge products on two crewboats for Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil, Ecuador

My company recently placed an order with Teignbridge Propellers to supply propellers and stern gear systems for 6 x Twin screw Tug Boats. We were impressed with the quality of the equipment supplied and the ease with which we were able to fit it to the boats.

Uzmar praises Teignbridge

Mr. Ramazan Avci, Shipyard Manager