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Teignbridge design and manufacture a standard range of cast bronze and steel fabricated rudders to suit all applications. These are all produced completely in the UK factory.

Bronze Rudders are precision machined from high quality one piece castings in Nickel Aluminium Bronze.

Teignbridge also produce a bronze rudder blade cast onto a stainless steel stock. Teignbridge can also supply rudder blades that are bolted onto a flanged stock. Fabricated Rudders are produced in steel or stainless steel in the company’s purpose built fabricating shop using highly skilled and coded fabricator welders.

Custom Rudder Assemblies

Where required, Teignbridge designers can custom design rudder assemblies for any installation and obtain society approval if required.

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    We always get a 5-star service from you, yes Jade I’m talking to you too!!! We really do appreciate the work you put in for us, it’s always quick and detailed just how we like it and we never have to chase. You are for sure one of our best suppliers for service/communication.

    Teignbridge give ‘5 Star service’ say Fairline

    Steve Kibble, Fairline

    When Inace started looking for suppliers of sterngear to fit their latest ferry, they found the perfect partner in Teignbridge. Teignbridge Propellers have an exemplary track record of delivering high quality, hard-working marine propulsion equipment for commercial vessels.

    Inace chose Teignbridge Sterngear for ferry


    I did not expect to gain much in terms of fuel use per mile, but the perfect balance of your prop certainly makes every mile a pleasure.

    Every Mile is a Pleasure

    Neil Campbell