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High Performance Marine Shafts for Sterngear assemblies

Teignbridge Propellers design and manufacture propeller shafts and couplings in various materials up to a maximum of 400mm diameter to suit customer’s requirements.
We machine our shafts “in house” in our custom-designed manufacturing facility.
All shafts are precision machined and straightened and supplied with test certificates.

The exclusive advantage of Temet 25

temet25 marine steelOur preferred material for tail shafts is Temet 25. Temet 25 is a high strength duplex stainless steel alloy with excellent corrosion fatigue strength and outstanding corrosion resistance. Its use allows for a smaller diameter shaft to be used which cuts cost and weight.

Temet 25 was developed by Teignbridge, after extensive research development and testing, when it was found that other high strength stainless steels suffered from corrosion defects and in particular “crevice corrosion”.

After an extensive period of research and development, and prolonged testing, with various materials, Temet 25 was shown to possess the outstanding corrosion fatigue strength and corrosion resistance. Fatigue testing was carried out, for Teignbridge by Exeter University laboratories. It was also carried out by Lloyds Register of shipping.
First introduced into the marine market by Teignbridge in 1990 it has become an industry standard, and the material of choice by the majority of boat builders.

Improved Shaft Design and Production

Shaft Designer at Teignbridge PropellersTeignbridge has recently invested in facilities, equipment and technology to improve shaft production.

The entire south wing of the extensive Newton Abbot facility has been redesigned and refitted to accommodate demand for increasing capacity for shaft production. The refit has also increased the length of shafts that Teignbridge can machine.

In line with increased capacity, Teignbridge have also invested to improve shaft design with the acquisition of state-of-the-art ShaftDesigner software.


Product Category

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    We have floated [The Netanya 8 Luxury Yacht] after shaft installation and have conducted sea trials and vibration tests. Early indications suggest that there is less vibration than before, and we are very happy with that. There seem to be no other issues with the shafts and all other parameters look normal.

    Temet 25’s Reduce Vibration for CMN


    All the boating fraternity that I talk to cannot believe the speed that the prop job was done in and I make a point of bringing it up when ever I can. Once again thanks.

    Unbelievable Delivery Speed

    Chris Hosken, Lead Engineer, Pendennis Shipyard

    Teignbridge have provided excellent service, delivering propellers on time for a very reasonable price Teignbridge’s after sales service and technical support has also been excellent, providing technical advice on propeller design for prospective future vehicles.

    MSubs – ‘excellent support and service’