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Military Propeller Designs at Teignbridge

Military propellers supplied by Teignbridge Propellers are designed to deliver maximum performance in challenging conditions and can be relied upon to be durable even when pushed to the limits . We understand that the voyage profile of an OPV is completely different to a landing craft or standard commercial vessel.  We have an extensive reference list built up through years of designing and manufacturing bespoke propellers and shaftlines for a range of military vessels.  Your next project will need a custom propeller, so contact us and our dedicated experts will welcome the opportunity to apply our design optimisation and CFD software to develop the right propeller for your requirements.

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    The propeller we just received was a perfect match to what we needed – Thank You

    ‘Perfect match’ say North Harbor Propeller

    North Harbor Propeller

    All the boating fraternity that I talk to cannot believe the speed that the prop job was done in and I make a point of bringing it up when ever I can. Once again thanks.

    Unbelievable Delivery Speed

    Chris Hosken, Lead Engineer, Pendennis Shipyard

    Thank you all for fantastic service and support in the purchase and manufacture of a four-bladed propeller for my Cygnus 28-foot fishing vessel, Bears Watching. For the last eight years, I’ve had numerous propellers from worldwide manufacturers and I have not quite got it right but now I have and it’s down to you all at Teignbridge Propellers.

    Surpassing the Competition

    Martin Cosgrave - Cosgrave's Ltd