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Teignbridge Propellers design and manufacture the highest quality high performance propellers and sterngear for motor yachts and leisure vessels. From corrosion resistant shafts, through elegant and durable brackets and tubes to non-cavitating propellers that set industry standards, Teignbridge produce complete sterngear systems designed to optimise the performance and efficiency of any vessel.

Outstanding independent test results

Teignbridge propellers have been tried an tested against leading competition and standard benchmarks. In every back to back test that has come to the company’s attention, Teignbridge propellers have out performed the competition.

When Plymouth University tested the C-Foil against the Wageningen B-Series, in their state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics study, the C-Foil produced 10.6% greater thrust and was 12% more efficient.

Teignbridge regularly receive comparative sea trial reports from independent tests. In all the trial reports that Teignbridge have received, thier propellers have yet to be beaten.

Example Sea Trial


We had 2 runs in opposite direction with the Italian Propellers 4 blade propellers and the average top speed was 33,6 knots. After we had 2 runs with Teignbridge Propellers 5 blade propellers and the average top speed was 34,8 knots, with 1 person and 200lt of fuel more.

Obviously the problem of vibrations disappeared immediately with the Teignbridge propellers.

Cesare Stori, Ecomet


Independent CFD Results


Teignbridge Equipped Yachts

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