Custom Propellers

Custom design propellers optimise vessel performance.

Custom design propellers are produced to give the best optimised performance for the vessel. This ensures the vessel achieves the best vessel speed and the best fuel economy. Most propeller companies will adapt an existing propeller pattern or model to try to suit the required installation, but this is inevitably a compromise which in turn will compromise the vessel performance.

Precision Rapid Design and Manufacturing.

Teignbridge have developed a rapid design and manufacturing process which bypasses the need for a propeller pattern and allows the company to make the best propeller for the vessel, a custom designed one, at a lower cost.

World Leading Propeller Design.

For even higher performance and improved cavitation avoidance, the company uses its very successful and highly efficient, C-FOIL propeller design. Independent computer modelling and comparative sea trials have shown that this ground breaking design generates approximately 10% more thrust and a 12% increase in efficiency over standard propeller designs, providing the vessel with a further improvement in performance and fuel economy.