Custom Struts and Brackets

Propeller shaft support brackets can play an important role in optimising the performance of sterngear. Compact and well stream-lined brackets will cause minimum drag and minimum disturbance of the water entering the propeller.

Teignbridge designs and manufactures propeller brackets and bosses to suit all types of vessel.
Designs may be performed with scantlings conforming to the requirements of classification societies if required.
Location into the hull of the brackets can be either by bolting through a flat palm (platform type), bolting through vertical extensions to the hull or welding into internal frames in the hull.

In addition to the main support brackets, Teignbridge can supply intermediate brackets which in some installations, especially those with long propeller shafts, will permit the satisfactory use of smaller diameter shaft material.
The strut thickness and chord lengths are designed to accommodate the application’s horse power, whilst keeping the weight and appendage drag to a minimum.

Custom struts and brackets are supplied with various water lubricated bearings fitted.  All brackets in this range are supplied with a fine, smooth finish to enhance the water flow onto the propeller.
For boats being built to the rules of a classification society it is recommended that the Teignbridge Sales Department is consulted.