Quiet, Smooth Performance with Elegant Efficiency

Our bespoke approach ensures a quiet, smooth and efficient propulsion system to guarantee reliable comfortable yachting. Advanced CFD is applied to exploit the latest technology in the pursuit of design excellence. Our industry-leading range of CNC machined propulsion is perfect for a new build, upgrade or re-fit.

Superyacht owners demand both performance and smooth delivery of the power resulting in quietness in all operating conditions. Teignbridge have the necessary experience to optimise the propeller and shafline to meet these criteria. Working closely with the vessel designers, naval architects and shipyards, Teignbridge can deploy the software developed during our recent £3m project to research optimum propeller designs. 45 years of experience supported by world leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis, (FEA) and ship simulation software result in premium products custom designed to suit each individual Superyacht. It’s not enough just to have CNC manufacturing (which we have), you need the best designs to ensure your yacht has the ultimate propulsion package. Uniquely, our Design & Technical Team can deliver such designs.

Contact the Teignbridge team and find out what we can offer that exceeds our competitors capabilities.


Thank you all for fantastic service and support in the purchase and manufacture of a four-bladed propeller for my Cygnus 28-foot fishing vessel, Bears Watching. For the last eight years, I’ve had numerous propellers from worldwide manufacturers and I have not quite got it right but now I have and it’s down to you all at Teignbridge Propellers.

Surpassing the Competition

Martin Cosgrave - Cosgrave's Ltd

I would just like to thank you and the staff at Teignbridge Propeller for the fantastic service we have received over the last couple of years. It is a pleasure to work with professional people such as yourselves. Response time on quotes along with timely deliveries being made when they say they will.

Ultimate Sales and Service

Lauderdale Propeller Service

We always get a 5-star service from you, yes Jade I’m talking to you too!!! We really do appreciate the work you put in for us, it’s always quick and detailed just how we like it and we never have to chase. You are for sure one of our best suppliers for service/communication.

Teignbridge give ‘5 Star service’ say Fairline

Steve Kibble, Fairline