Teignbridge Appoints Ultralux Marine as their Argentinian Agent

Teignbridge Appoints Ultralux Marine as their Argentinian Agent

We are pleased to inform that we have signed an agreement with Ultralux Marine, Argentina for the representation of all of our products, including technical assistance of propulsion systems in the waterway. ” The representation of Teignbridge products is a perfect match to put into practice the improvements that arise from the propulsion efficiency and fuel consumption studies carried out by our consulting department “. – Sergio Bellati // Teignbridge Consulting Services for Ultralux // Propulsive-Telemetry Efficiency Studies:

  • Torque and shaft power measurements using a strain gauge.
  • Propellers calculations.
  • Fuel consumption and vessel speed analysis.
  • Vessel re-powering studies.

About Ultralux Marine: Ultralux is a family company originally founded in 1971 to provide Non-Destructive Testing services mainly in the naval industry. In 2010, the Engineering Consulting Division was opened, when Ultralux started carrying out the project management of many new buildings, conversions and re-powering projects for the Paraguay- Parana Hidrovia, as well propulsion analysis for fuel efficiency for the towboat industry. Ultralux is a group of professionals, engineers and technicians, with extensive experience in the naval and industrial market. We are in constant growth and training, accompanying the technological evolution of the market.

Marine Consulting Services:

  • New constructions and transformations management
  • Naval repairs supervision
  • Class and flag inspections
  • Hull & Machinery insurance claims surveys

Propulsion Efficiency Studies – Telemetry

  • Torque and Power measurements with strain gauges
  • Theoretical calculation of propellers
  • Economic Analysis of consumption and speed
  • Statistical Analysis of historical data

Tugboats Re-powering Analysis

  • Technical Feasibility Analysis of Engine Replacement
  • Economic-Financial analysis of the complete project

Welding Engineering

  • Welding procedures preparation according to ASME, AWS, API codes.
  • Welders qualifications.

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Ultrasound thickness measurements
  • Ultrasonic Flaw detectors (Scan A), for welding inspections.
  • Magnetizable Particles inspections
  • Liquid Penetrant inspections
  • Hardness and Roughness verification of materials
  • Gamma Ray inspections

Ultralux MarineUltralux has been certified since 1994 by the main Classification Societies and its recognized globally and regionally by the International Association of Classification Societies “IACS” as a service supplier. Contact Mobile AR: +54 9 11 4420 7956 /

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After a week of testing, sea trials, bollard pull tests and the necessary inspections, during which the MCA delegated the whole of the certification process to RINA, Georgina of Ladram demonstrated a 23 tonnes bollard pull and a top speed of 11.5 knots, both exceeding our initial expectations. Teignbridge was fantastic to work with and I would definitely recommend them.

Exceeding Expectations with Teignbridge’s Largest Propeller


Teignbridge have provided excellent service, delivering propellers on time for a very reasonable price Teignbridge’s after sales service and technical support has also been excellent, providing technical advice on propeller design for prospective future vehicles.

MSubs – ‘excellent support and service’

I did not expect to gain much in terms of fuel use per mile, but the perfect balance of your prop certainly makes every mile a pleasure.

Every Mile is a Pleasure

Neil Campbell