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Teignbridge continues to invest in advanced technology.  Our custom-designed propellers require bespoke new patterns for each application, so whilst there is still a place for our 5-axis CNC pattern mill, our state of art 3D printers are routinely used to rapidly manufacture high accuracy patterns.  These large capacity printers can run 24 hours a day 7 days a week giving Teignbridge the ability to be responsive to our customer’s needs.  If required, we can reverse engineer parts by 3D scanning the part and creating a 3D model which is then converted into a new pattern.  Our 3D printers are not restricted to making propellers and sterngear parts.  They have been used for a variety of other non-marine components, so we welcome enquiries to print any items for any industry.  Our two main printers are 1m x 1m, but larger components can be manufactured by modular design and assembly.

3D Printers at Teignbridge


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    The revs are spot on and towing fine we are cut back anything between 200 and 250 revs and as much speed as we need. It’s like a different boat with no vibration whatsoever. I would just like to thank you [for] supplying exactly what we wanted nowadays it doesn’t always happen and the excellent service you provided.

    It’s the Teignbridge Way

    Kenny MacNab

    We always get a 5-star service from you, yes Jade I’m talking to you too!!! We really do appreciate the work you put in for us, it’s always quick and detailed just how we like it and we never have to chase. You are for sure one of our best suppliers for service/communication.

    Teignbridge give ‘5 Star service’ say Fairline

    Steve Kibble, Fairline

    We have floated [The Netanya 8 Luxury Yacht] after shaft installation and have conducted sea trials and vibration tests. Early indications suggest that there is less vibration than before, and we are very happy with that. There seem to be no other issues with the shafts and all other parameters look normal.

    Temet 25’s Reduce Vibration for CMN