The skills and tools that Teignbridge has developed to support in-house product development are also available externally to customers and are well suited to a wide variety of complex marine and general fluid engineering problems? Teignbridge offers numerical simulation and physical testing work as a consultancy service and we’re always pleased to support customers in tackling the engineering challenges they face.

Here’s just a few of the services we offer:

Performance critical design evaluation and optimisation

Where performance is critical, Teignbridge can prepare a bespoke plan to explore the design space and to achieve optimal performance, from propeller efficiency, to underwater radiated noise, to weight reduction, this approach delivers results that sets designs apart from the norm.

Cavitation problem diagnosis

Cavitation is a highly complex phenomenon which can cause rapid and irreversible damage to propellers and stern gear if not correctly predicted or analysed in the event of existing situations. CFD can be used to characterise and analyse problems and direct design changes or propeller modifications to resolve the issue.

Novel concept development

Novel concept development requires a broad range of engineering capability, from first principles design through complex simulation to pre-commercial financial modelling to evaluate investment return. Teignbridge uses this broad range of skills on both internal projects such as our Clamp on Blade propeller concept and external concepts such as supporting the development of seabed mass flow excavator components.

Noise and vibration analysis

Understanding and reducing vibration and underwater radiated noise is becoming increasingly scrutinised by our customers in an effort to protect the marine environment, improve user comfort and aid military vessel operation. Teignbridge has in-house expertise on the subject and can undertake sophisticated spectrum analysis on acoustic and accelerometer data to help identify the source of the noise and vibration and provide a solution.

Please get in touch to discuss your project and see how we can put over 45 years of experience and best in class tools to work on solving your challenges.

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    Our order has all been received and now installed on the boats. I must thank you for the quality product from Teignbridge and shipment was very well packed. We hope to launch our boat by end of August and will inform you of the performance and test result. Malé Aerated Water Company

    Another quality product from Teignbridge

    Malé Aerated Water Company

    The quick turnaround and service you provided were of the highest standard, from our first contact to the boat flooding up yesterday was 4 working days.

    Highest Standards of Service say Pendennis

    Peter Gaylard, Engineering Manager, Pendennis Shipyard

    After a week of testing, sea trials, bollard pull tests and the necessary inspections, during which the MCA delegated the whole of the certification process to RINA, Georgina of Ladram demonstrated a 23 tonnes bollard pull and a top speed of 11.5 knots, both exceeding our initial expectations. Teignbridge was fantastic to work with and I would definitely recommend them.

    Exceeding Expectations with Teignbridge’s Largest Propeller