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research and development at Teignbridge PropellersInvestment in research and development (R&D) has been at the heart of Teignbridge Propellers philosophy since the creation of the company in 1974. From construction of the company’s first manufacturing facility in 1974 to ongoing development of state-of-the-art CFD, numerical simulation, unique hydrodynamic test boat (HRV1) and propulsion testing facilities today, R&D has been an instrumental part of ensuring the company maintains its position at the forefront of the industry.  We aim to push both the engineering and technical boundaries to develop products that meet our customers ever-evolving requirements.  By working in close partnership with our customers, we ensure that our R&D is aligned with the needs of the industry.

Teignbridge has a full-time team dedicated to R&D to ensure continuity of activity on both internal products and processes as well as external collaboration with customers and research partners.

Continuous improvement of existing products and processes

Teignbridge has built its reputation and loyal customer base on a foundation of equipment that customers know they can trust for both quality and performance. Attention to detail, customer feedback and ongoing review of internal processes used to deliver this equipment at the core of the business helps maintain this hard-earned reputation.

Teignbridge recently added genetic algorithm driven design optimisation to the toolbox – an innovative approach to design that couples parametric propeller geometry to computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The optimiser manipulates the baseline propeller design within limits set by the design engineer, evaluates the performance by CFD simulation, then uses the results to adjust the design. The process enables an exhaustive exploration of the design space to optimise for improved efficiency, reduced noise emission, cost and more.  No other propeller manufacturer has this suite of design tools.

Development of new products and processes

Teignbridge has a number of industry firsts to its name, from the introduction of duplex stainless steel shafting, GRP Sterntubes & Rudder Tubes, polystyrene rapid pattern making to the highly innovative modular Clamp on Blade Propeller (CoB). Such projects are often costly and fraught with risk, but Teignbridge treats these market differentiating steps forward as an essential part of stimulating growth and progress.

As part of a development partnership with the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) from 2017 to 2019, Teignbridge developed an innovative, detachable blade propeller system – the Clamp on Blade (CoB) propeller. The CoB offers the greatest efficiency of any such detachable blade system on the market through an innovative blade attachment method and subsequent propeller to hub diameter ratio.  How many other propeller manufacturers have actually invented anything new in recent decades ?

Collaborative Research

R&D is often at its best when delivered by a diverse team with different skill sets and viewpoints on a given challenge. Teignbridge is engaged in a number of productive, ongoing collaborations with commercial and academic partners.

Since 2018, Teignbridge has partnered with City, University of London’s (City) Photonics & Instrumentation Research Centre to explore innovative ways of improving in-service performance measurement of propellers and stern gear. This work is currently part-funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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