Inace chose Teignbridge Sterngear for ferry

INACE is one of the largest shipyards in Brazil. They have a proud tradition of being a national leader in building luxury yachts and patrol vessels. As well as being a leading leisure and military shipbuilder, Inace constructs robust, elegant and powerful commercial vessels. It is also one of the largest constructors of offshore supply vessels. In over four decades of innovative shipbuilding, Inace has delivered more than 900 high-quality commercial and leisure vessels.

One of their current constructions is a shallow draft passenger ferry for the Rio state transport company “Secretaria de Transporte do Estado do Rio de Janeiro”, the ferry will take commuters and tourists across the bay in Rio de Janerio.

Teignbridge selected by Inace

Teignbridge Propellers have an exemplary track record of delivering high quality, hard-working marine propulsion equipment for commercial vessels. Recently these projects have included a number of highly successful ferry fittings. When Inace started looking for suppliers of sterngear to fit their latest ferry they found the perfect partner in Teignbridge. Our commitment to quality and performance matches Inace’s drive for engineering excellence. Inace’s innovative ferry is now being fitted with Teignbridge sterngear.
Teignbridge is proud to be involved in this project and wish the ferry every success.

More about Inace

Details of the Teignbridge fitted ferry can be seen on Inace’s web site at:

An excellent article featuring Inace has been published in Total World Energy Magazine and can be read in its entirety online here:
starting on page 60.

Inace chose Teignbridge Sterngear for ferry

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We have no problem recommending your propellers, the workmanship is first class. With your propellers, we find the vessel sails faster and with very impressive fuel savings. 

Sail faster and save fuel say Macduff Shipyards

John Watt, Managing Director Macduff Shipyards.

Independent assessments at both Plymouth and Newcastle Universities showed the C-Foil produced up to 5% more thrust and efficiency when compared to standard propeller design.

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Thank you all for fantastic service and support in the purchase and manufacture of a four-bladed propeller for my Cygnus 28-foot fishing vessel, Bears Watching. For the last eight years, I’ve had numerous propellers from worldwide manufacturers and I have not quite got it right but now I have and it’s down to you all at Teignbridge Propellers.

Surpassing the Competition

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